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Three Branches of Government Notes and Tree

Three Branches of the government notes and activity page!

A free printable "Facebook" page to use on the first day of school to get to know your students

Kids read the Constitution and color code the powers and authorities of each branch on this printable worksheet.

FREE From My Blog = Three Government Branches Song shown on smart board in my classroom for my kiddos to sing to. I was so surprised how this song really helped them retrieve this information regarding what each branch of government is reasponsible for.

Reflective Teaching - Free Journal! - Fairy Dust Teaching. A good idea to bring closure to each day so I don't think about it all evening.

The French and Indian War | Free Printable American History Reading with Questions

Here's a foldable on the branches of government. Full lesson plan:

After learning about the constitution and the three branches of government, I enjoy having my students do this to learn more about the judicial branch.