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"Like" if your family had one of these trees when you were growing up! Happy Holidays! @Karen Grear :)

I sooo remember one like this hanging on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins.

wow ugly! I think they still might make these....

We had these EVERY Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpas. The peanut shaped/flavored were my favorite.

tub washer with wringer - In 1956, my mother got one with an "automatic release" button in case your hand started to go through the ringer!!

S in atomic Tupperware form - on our kitchen table all my growing up years! You could put toothpicks in the center!

It was always mama doing the vacuuming and every family inevitably had a cheerful, spunky little dog.

I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid. I'm not sure what they're really for.

Vintage 40s Christmas Elves. My mother had these when I was a girl. She would move them around the living room while we were sleeping and pretend they did it on their own. ;) She has lost two through the years, but still has one. I am buying these for sure. Such great memories.

whose mom didn't have one of these? mine did!

Did these come in laundry soap boxes or from a gas station when you filled up w/ gas?

Bubble Christmas Lights ♥ My parents had these on their Christmas tree every year. I would love to find some for ours, I know our kids love them too :)