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Might have been my absolute favorite Doctor Who episode ever. Seriously started shrieking when I saw Colin Morgan.

Oh! OH! So can I!! ;) haha! I can tell Colin (Merlin) by his Smile and by his Eyes!! ;D

Colin Morgan and Bradley James. I'm sorry but why is this picture a thing. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

These are the scenes that show that Merlin being cancelled is ridiculous :( Shame BBC

"hahaha what does he seriously think he's going to do with a sword?---See this was funny until I thought of the final episode. I think he's learned a few things."

like his expression. cutie :P

Taylor Holt This is us. PS. If this happened to us. I would die. And only true love's kiss (*cough* Colin *cough*) would save me.

I did this once for an "informal" club photo. My advisor called me out. If they're good enough for Chuck Bartowski and The Doctor, they're good enough for a picture.

See after Arthur died Merlin moved to the modern world and was so upset he was emo and he stayed until Arthur came back.

So, there’s been a reference to each Doctor’s era in chronological order since The Rings of Akhaten. If this holds true, there should be a mention of Six’s in Nightmare in Silver, and Seven’s in the finale…

This was my first episode, and my friend made sure I paid attention to this part, because it explains the show so well.

This is the one problem I have with Clara. They all had a certain relationship with the Doctor that was touching and sweet in different ways, but Clara and the Doctor really didn't have that definite chemistry because he sees her as more of a mystery than a person.