• Maaike Binnekamp

    Untitled 1989-96 by Robert Gober cat litter kunst als identiteit

  • David CURSON

    Robert Gober - Wedding Gown

  • Chelsea Hartwig

    Untitled 1989-96 by Robert Gober.... LOOK LENA Molby!!! remember the wedding dress and the kitty litter?! I came accross it on pinterest!

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Too funny :)

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so true! visit everythingfunny.org for more funny quotes and sayings #Humor #LOL

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Ha so funny


Parenting Done Right – 18 Pics

Note the reeses peanut butter cups. #camping #genius #lifehack

Obama is responsible for Miley Cyrus – She was Hannah Montana when Bush was President…



Science humor. Love it.

Are office pranks the norm in your office? After seeing this fun list, they may start to be in ours!

i can't stop laughing!

Window washers at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: This is wonderful.

map ornaments from family vacations - put the dates and a pic of you on the back. you can collect/gift them each year. Just imagine how fantastic your tree can be after awhile!

A dad illustrates the weird things he finds himself having to say to his children. This is hysterical.

90s childhood

Little boy cries because he isn't a single lady. "I'm a horrible father" hahahaha

haha, windbreakers

every day from my house lol

facebook costume

love jim gaffigan!!