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Too funny.

Happy and Naked ... #funny #quote For more quotes and humor, check out my FB page:

The best kind of friends

me and my besties

So true

World's okayest runner. That's me.

I Run Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon Shirt - Running Shirt - Running Tank Top


Laziest Thing You've Ever Done? Hahaha definitely worth reading. Some of these are hilarious!

I feel bad for kids now days that see a cool new toy on TV that they want, but have no way of getting, because their parents have to be 18 or older to call.



I know a few people interested in knowing this...

Jennifer Lawrence

That is the mustache of a man with nothing to lose xD

Monday morning coffee mug.

This attitude.


At least that's something

Paul McCarthy, pin forever!!

Oh my goodness, here's my new favorite thing. Please act surprised when I give you this for valentine's day!

I love Jim.

awww sweet puppy!!