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take risks <3

Good friend/Best friend..... quotes

Rose Franken. LOVE this, might be my favorite quote of the moment. This is probably the biggest piece of marriage advice I could give anybody. BE SILLY ... in your daily life, as lovers, even as parents.


This is for all my pre-teen/teenage nieces. Believe it girls. You don't need boys to define who you are.


This couldn't be more true! I think he does :)

Tiny things

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Oh yes. <3333

together forever


marry your best friend

I <3 Caleb

Regret. His loss.

Never thought it would have turned into this...Thanks Husband for coming into my life when I least expected it.

Sleepover!!! So true!!! I love waking up next to my best friend every morning!! Some mornings are better than others but.... He is my rock!!

Soulmate <3

yes he is <3