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They shine for you - they shine for you They burn for all to see Come into these arms again And set this spirit free Annie Lennox (Love song for a Vampire)

Epreuve d'un vampire Après un an passé auprès des vampires, Malicia doit passer une épreuve pour prouver qu'elle est bien capable d'assumer le rôle de suceuse de sang. On lui ordonne de tuer sept loups-garous dans un laps de temps de deux semaines. Malicia parviendra-t-elle à tromper ses pires ennemis ?

I raced down the street, it thankfully was nighttime so no one thought strangely of me. Probably because they didn't recognize me. The strange girl, the one who never came out during the day. The vampire. And they were right.. I was a vampire. And no one trusted me.. Except my brother. He's human still, and the one who raises me still. He makes me be a good little vampire I suppose, and would kill me if he knew where i was. "Elizabeth thorn!!" He yells, racing after me. (Open RP, prefer in…


Vampire Fangs by Artist Dave Diller Wood Sign

Vampire Fangs by Artist Dave Diller Wood Sign | eTriggerz - Wall Decor, Accents, Furniture and more! | | Santa Ana, California