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If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. Oh, so true that is what I do!

oh, so true! the higher the heel, the better

Shoepidity: the act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just because you think they look incredible

Too late!!! Bought a pair a Bloomie's.  Spent $60 on a pair of Superga shoes...

any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping quotes on shoes

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The Demise of “Cathy”

Great outfit for pageant rehearsals. Remember to bring your heels for practicing on the stage and runway and a jacket or sweater because it will be kept cool in the ballroom!

Wedding Brainstorming I m in love with these Maybe get some cheap white pumps and paint the tip and heel red to match my wedding colors Something Blue Flower Embellish High heeled Wedding Shoes 430 1932

my shoes must say something like "well-loved" especially my mocs

Quotes for shoe lovers. Shoes speak louder than words.

don't worry be yonce!

Don't Worry Be Yonce

Kim Kardashian Christian Louboutin Zebra Print Platform Heels Size 36.5

Kim Kardashian Is Selling Her Clothes On eBay — Inexplicably

Christian Louboutin Zebra Print Platform Heels Size {Although I don't care for Kim Kardashian or zebra shoes.