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30% of high school students in the U.S. drop out. This infographic was created on a chalkboard and outlines some of the staggering high school dropout

Middle/High School math blogs grouped by subject area :) creep on these later!!!

For all middle and high school teacher friends.

Top 5 Websites for High School Science Teachers

100 Words Every High School Freshman Should Know. A different list from 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know. :)

High school English teacher blog EnglishTeacherConfessions

HIGH SCHOOL Classroom Organization Ideas--Love it!

Great High School Math Posters

Teaching Tuesday: Decoration and Organization for the High School Classroom*: This is the perfect blog for me! She teaches the same classes and everything she does is totally manageable

High School

Resources for teaching middle and high school social studies

Reading this right now! Written by a high school English teacher. Automatic win in my eyes.

MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS: Test review activity that fully preps the kids while giving the teacher a chance to just walk around and check for understanding.

The History of English in 10 minutes. Great for intermediate, jr. high, or high school classroom

Upper Grades - HIGH SCHOOL - Classroom Organization Tips

awesome high school teacher blog!

Eat. Write. Teach.: The Absent Binder - and other helpful tools and ideas. I like this blog especially because it has things for high school teachers... instead of all the blogs out there for elementary school teachers complete with frogs stickers and bulletin boards that change with every unit... good grief!

For my teacher friends :) A whole bunch of stores with teacher discounts- some I didn't know about