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  • Danielle M

    For tea-stained eggs, add 2 tea bags to glass of hot water and allow to steep. Set aside to dry. For blue eggs, combine 1 drop of blue food coloring with 1 drop of green food coloring in glass of water. adjust the color. Lower egg into water and set aside to dry. To speckle eggs, we used one bottle of brown craft paint and a toothbrush. Dip brush into paint and lightly splatter and dab around the egg to achieve a random, lightly dotted pattern. Allow to dry.How to Make Speckled Easter Eggs

  • Hilary Jones

    more easter ideas...

  • Megan McClendon

    Robin's Egg Blue and Speckled Easter Eggs

  • Kel S.

    80 Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas

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♕ I love little bits of nature in a cottage, like these speckled eggs in a jar

Fill eggs (place settings) with glitter.. then have guests break them open to be surprised that they are not hard boiled eggs!

Speckled Eggs The look almost as true as eggs found in a bird's nest. Easy DIY Easter egg decoration! Dye the eggs using soft pastel colors - Just a few minutes in the bath. Allow to dry. Be sure to cover yourself and working surface. Using a watered down sepai brown acrylic paint, take an old toothbrush and run your finger along the brush to splatter the paint. Place in a terra cotta dish with a ring of wheat grass around the edge of dish.

Speckled Easter Eggs First, dye hard-cooked eggs in pastel shades. Then make flecks: Dilute brown acrylic paint with water until it's the consistency of cream. Dip an old toothbrush into the paint and, with the brush a few inches from the egg, run your finger across the bristles, splattering paint onto the shell (lay egg horizontally, splatter, let dry, rotate, and repeat).