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    • Brenda O'Connor

      Meanwhile in Britain… I don't know about you, but I'd follow that Tardis (despite the Daleks strapped next to it)! #whovian #DrWho #DoctorWho #theDoctor #fun #fandom #geek #Tardis #Dalek #meme #humor #LoL

    • Katie Urban

      I would definitely need to follow this to see where it's going :) Meanwhile in Britain. Daleks and the Tardis. Doctor Who

    • Kelly DeLong

      Meanwhile, in Britain. The TARDIS and Daleks being hauled. They should film more often in the US! I will carjack this truck and feel no remorse.

    • LK Hayes

      oh no! the daleks have the tardis and they learned how to drive a truck! I LOVE Doctor Who!

    • Marie

      Meanwhile in Britain. Daleks and the Tardis. Doctor Who

    • Gianna🎀⚓️

      Meanwhile in England. Ermagherd ;) !!!!!!!!!! <3 Dr. Who

    • Samantha Schumacher

      Dr. Who on a truck.

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    I am the Good Wolf. I create myself. I take these words, and i scatter them. Throughout time and space, a message to lead myself here. To save the Doctor, my Doctor.

    haha! thats why we love our doctor, always doing what he wants and saying what he wants

    The Doctor

    The Doctor - First and Last Words

    The Doctor is cool

    The Doctor

    I love the doctor!

    That's the doctor for you

    Doctor Who.

    The Doctor

    the doctors

    Doctor, where are you?

    This. This is the doctor I like. Who cares more about rose than himself (and vice versa) to the point that he willing goes thru the pain of regeneration to save her. They loved each other so much that they were willing to give up their life for each other. I truly don't think he got the recognition he deserved

    Oh, Doctor.

    The Doctor knows....

    That's my Doctor.

    THE DOCTOR :))

    Not just A doctor, THE Doctor.

    The Doctor

    Doctor Who