You done messed up, A-a-ron!! hahahaha! XD

Why is this so funny to me?!

Never laughed so hard.

This video makes me cry every single time I watch it. Its so funny!

Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey ~ Hilarious!

school humor

Best Key and Peele sketch ever.

This is just all around funny n awesome

So funny.

Cat in the Hat Aging Humor Funny Sign in Gold - happy birthday to me

Substitute Teacher ~ Key & Peele. Do you want to go to war, "Ba-la-KAY!" Cause we could go to war!

Harlem Shake With My Son. This man deserves a father of the year award, hilarious!

Star Wars as explained by a three-year-old... too cute and funny! "Don't talk back to Darth Vader, he'll getchya."

teacher gifts

How to trick people into thinking you're good looking so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW: HAS A LITTLE BAD WORDS IN IT BUT

Key & Peele: East/West College Bowl @Lisa Mincey

THIS IS SO FUNNY. Ellen sends one of her producers to Costco and tells her to make friends, but she can only speak to them in song lyrics.


makin' me smile. 'Gangnam Style' Mom and Son

I WANT one. Haha, this is just brilliant! |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Doormats||Funny doormats||Funny signs|