You done messed up, A-a-ron!! hahahaha! XD

makin' me smile. 'Gangnam Style' Mom and Son

Dane Cook - Why Women Win Fights... Oh my a good laugh for today!! Hallarious

How to trick people into thinking you're good looking so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW: HAS A LITTLE BAD WORDS IN IT BUT

Gollum covers Taylor Swift. BAHAHAHAHA!

This does address the difficulty in finding someone who might actually think this way since you're studying all the time and don't go out......

Worry about yourself! Hilarious.

This was hilarious, disturbing, and awesome all at the same time! These boys had to have practiced this thing a thousand times to get the timing down that good! That's a lot of energy right there! I needed a good laugh.

Harlem Shake With My Son. This man deserves a father of the year award, hilarious!


Substitute Teacher ~ Key & Peele. Do you want to go to war, "Ba-la-KAY!" Cause we could go to war!

Coolest flight attendant ever.

seriously, this is so juvenile of me to pin, but i cant stop laughing. German guy trying to make sense of American idioms.

this never gets old.

Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Kids Talk, Adults Act)

funniest thing i have ever seen. for a bad day just watch this haha

Disney Housewives, Saturday Night Live

funny quotes for friends funny saying about friends

"Edward and Bella" — A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

Key and Peele: Two husbands trade stories about their wives, and what happened after they looked them in the eye.