Dream job!

Everyday living...

Precisely! ;)


For the love of God.


Happy Hour - if I even last that long...


Funny Breakup Ecard: Remember that ex we all thought we'd never get over? LOL.

i could write lists all day long. now actually doing what is on the list....questionable.

Take naps, especially because I work nights...

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really this is true...


Go on. Act a fool.

Diets are hard.

If you wanted to start a fight, this is one way to do so. Also, by calling the new woman "well endowed all over". I just assume she was jealous since she was using my MIL's old practice boobs that she was trying out before an implant job. If you have to criticize my natural curves while using false ones, perhaps you should just keep your mouth shut about them!

This literally made me laugh out loud!!

I think this happens in every type of job!

Well I'm not that bad! After I win and destroy them I laugh and explain how they were actualy right and point out how many arguments they could have used to beat me. I guess that means I like to win both sides of the argument and then go with the actual truth.