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truth is I saw it all it was the dog. white cat

bad dog here to find out more

Story of my life right now...hehe and she wants to know why I get annoyed in the morning after no sleep

you know how you guys put your heads through stair railings? well at least trying to get into the garbage has stinky food on the other end. who's dumb now hooman??

Frisbee? What Frisbee? I didn't see any fribee wrapped up under the tree!

The routine of caring for a pet can bring structure and purpose to daily life. Maybe you don't always want to get out of bed, but your pet wants you to. Isn't that a good thing?

It's time for my dog's rabies shot and I scheduled her visit while she was sitting in my lap and she squeaked and ran under the bed. IDK why. When she comes back she is as full as a tick with dog treats.

Chantelle Wilson Wilson Osadjan remember when we had to wear your grandma's clothes? #noshame

"Is it REALLY going to be a good year?-- It'd be better if I didn't have to blow this dumb thing."

Hopefully one day in the future! Want a puppy so badly again =/