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These cute blue chalcedony "people" seem to peer at us from their chrysocolla cave. Chalcedony is simply a non-crystalline form of quartz, the same chemical composition as quartz crystals, agate and jasper, to name a few.

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E09013 Purple Agate Druzy Geode Pendant Bead

E09013 Purple Agate Druzy Geode Pendant Bead by alicejewelry

Blue Tourmaline - Brazil: Tourmalines are the most colourful gemstone group. A tourmaline which is pure blue is a rare thing indeed. Mostly, the blue colour has a more or less noticeable touch of green. These rare blue gemstones originate mostly in Brazil. They are also found today in the gemstone mines of Namibia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and, recently, also in those of Nigeria.