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Dating Tip #107: When your about to tell her you love her, bail out and say “She knows”. Girls love mystery.  Credit to: believe-it-beautiful

I wanted him to confess his love for Rose especially since he didn't get to the first time he said goodbye in the other dimension.

The OTP to rule all OTPs.

The Doctor and Rose Tyler is definitely my OTP! The pin is hard to read, and so is the image it is of, but if you just zoom in a bit, its discernible. DEFINITELY worth the read!


He talks about bananas, giggles at glasses and says that bow ties are cool, but don't let him fool you. He's the Doctor, and he is fully capable of blowing you out of the sky.

Regeneration is a lottery

Day of the Doctor "Hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous." Sorry, Doctor, not going to happen.

Things I learned from Doctor Who: "Quite right, too" is an appropriate response to "I love you".

dating tips from the Doctor Dating Tip right too” is an appropriate response to “I love you”.


If you understand this reference then you are a true Whovian! Best thing ever.

Doctor Who: baby outfit this would make a great gift for some friends of mine

{my kid would wear this as an everyday outfit! lol} If you have a tiny one in your Doctor Who wedding - TARDIS baby tutu (or just the most perfect Halloween costume ever! Parenting, you're doing it right!) --Forget for the kid, I'd wear it!