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Funny Birthday Ecard: Happy birthday to the man who's like the little sister I never had.

Too funny

retro funny....

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retro funny, mothers.... posted by a.l.s

That's a perfect example of my sense of humor & something I would say to one of my friends, my mother or sister.


Retro Humor

Retro Humor

Vintage retro humor

Vintage Humor

Smart assy

See? Aren't we both much happier when I'm happy?

so we meet again... lucky you

Anne Taintor


I'm convinced I missed my life's true calling as a NASCAR driver. Instead of being ticketed for speeding, I should be congratulated for qualifying.


I'm sorry...all I hear is your perfume. ...If you're interested you can see more of my ecards here:


The Bent Pinky (Aug/22/2014)

Wasn't that just so sweet of you to post that picture of us together where you looked like you were from Next Top Model and I looked like I was from the Walking Dead.Totally.