There is just something about Eric Northman...I'd go vampire for him.

True Blood!!

Did u say something ....

i have to say this to anyone who walks through the living room while im watching true blood. lol

A different take on the painting that I have never seen! LOL True Blood Style It's def American Gothic <3

Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood

Friends don't let friends drink friends... I *heart* this show-- mostly for the unending eye candy...

true blood

The Vampire Diaries on the cover of EW<3

True Blood True Blood True Blood love this show!!!

True Blood !!

Mmm... True Blood!

:) um yes


TRUE BLOOD Vampires, Lycanthropes, Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Fairies, and a human or two. The is a one of my guilty pleasures.

The Vampire Diaries

true blood

True Blood

True Blood Trio