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    7 SECRET HOME REMEDIES FOR WHEN YOUR CHILD IS SICK OR IN PAIN. 1. The B.R.A.T. for diarrhea. It stands for- Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast 2. BLACK LICORICE will cure their constipation nine times out of ten! 3. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar creates a cooling effect that will soothe your child’s minor burns. Just pour equal amounts of the ingredients into a bowl to bathe your child’s hand till the burning stops. 4. For an earache, use a hot pack big enough s...

    Stomach Bug Prevention Trick (Every mom should know this!) ~ SERIOUSLY THIS WORKS!!!

    5 Most Effective Home Remedies for Strep Throat- I actually had an ER doctor tell me that antibiotics are not necessary to fight off Strep.

    One pinner said:Changed my life... How to get people to stop coughing at night and sleep...ahh sleep!!! I swear by this and use it EVERYTIME!!

    Love this! Totally printing it out to keep in the house. Love these natural remedies for sickness that actually work as opposed to the over the counter drugs.

    Home Remedies For Baby Cold - several really great ideas I hadn't thought of before!

    Good to know.

    Your child has a rash. Do you know which type and what to do? Every parent should have this!

    21 Home Remedies for a Toothache | It never fails that a major toothache hits and getting to a dentist any time soon is just not an option #survivallife

    Diaper Rash remedies. Lots of good natural ways on this site

    Do you have a strong willed child? Here are some tips on how to recognize and deal with the strong willed child. #Parenting

    11 safe home remedies to soothe your child's cold and flu symptoms

    Try your hand at making your own OxyClean with just two ingredients. Via My American Confessions

    DIY tutorial. Bring your child to counter height with this Little Helper Tower. Features adjustable height platform and optional fold flat modification.

    The do-over method of child discipline actually teaches children appropriate behavior by repetition of the right way.

    How to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Quickly

    Wow!!! sore throat remedy, cough suppressant, expectorant

    Natural Remedy for Baby Colds: Garlic Socks Directions Cut 2 cloves of garlic in half and gently crush using the back of a spoon or knife. Place the crushed garlic between two pairs of socks and leave on your child overnight.You should notice faint ‘garlic breath’ the next morning.

    21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child!, some clever ideas

    An awesome list of life skills for kids, especially preschoolers to learn. Smart tricks for teaching them to your child. Learn more than the ABC's and 123s.

    Great grout cleaner