African elephant: where there is a will there is a way!

Video: Baby Elephant Annoys His Mom

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Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. they have been known to rescue other animals such as trapped dogs and cats.

just a sip


With her newborn elephant

This baby elephant who just made a new best bud.

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The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Tara {the elephant} & Bella {the dog} are best friends. a sweet/true story

In case you are having a bad day, here is a baby Orangutan getting a bath. You're welcome

absolutely stunning...

a Big hug.

....bath time baby.

African Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Hangin' with mom.

help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.

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