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Straight, but I support the LGBTQ community. I'm sorry, but even if you believe homosexuality is "wrong," who are you to oppress others who don't? You want a free country? Well, honey, you're going to have to deal with people who are different. Honestly, the bible was ALL ABOUT love and tolerance, yeah?

A new GSA Poster I designed (inspired from the "keep Calm and Carry on)

That's the way "GOD" intended it to be!! NO CLOSEMINDED ATTITUDES... TO BE HAPPY IS THE ONLY CHOICE!!

Oh and that makes you special because..? Hmm, seems like you don't have a logical answer. Effing bite me bitches.

I may not be gay but I support love. This is still one of my favorite reaponses. I would love to see someone try to answer this... because it is not a choice.

Your happiness as a girl maybe with a guy yet me being a girl too i know is with a girl. shouldnt i get my fairytale ending? and shouldnt those two guys? Its america home of the free right? Well my american dream isnt a picket fence and a guy holdingmy hand. I want a girl of my dreams holding my hand! And live on the mountains:) LGBT

LGBT- And exactly, man, exactly. Btw, he can say it, but unless you are a gay man wanting to reclaim the word, you can't. My queer self can't either.

She is comfortable in who she is and who we are and I am the same.