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It’s really hard to get clean lines when it comes to putting stripes on manicures. I’m going to share a little DIY secret– nail polish on scotch tape. You can cut a perfect line or triangle and get a fun geometric mani. Here’s how it’s done: You’ll need polish, scissors + scotch tape. Apply polish [...
  • Britne Martinez

    If you have a hard time painting a straight line on your nails: Paint scotch tape with nail polish, then cut into the shape you need. DIY nail stickers.

  • Anne Gaul

    create your own nail stickers with scotch tape, nail polish and scissors

  • Michelle Cangemi

    DIY nail stickers. Great for those of you who have a hard time making straight lines for your nail art. via The Beauty Department

  • Jennifer Holl

    DIY Nail Stickers! Super easy way to make fun nail designs without a steady hand.

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so smart! paint pieces of tape different colors then tape it to your nail and trim the edges!

An amazing idea for getting the straight line look even if you have shaky hands!

1.Start by painting the nails white. 2.paint blue, pink, green or whatever color you love on a piece of tape. Wait for it to dry and cut it into thin strips. You’ll need 6-10 strips per finger. 3.Lay 3-5 strips horizontally on the nail. 4.Then lay the other 3-5 strips vertically. 5.Trim the excess with cuticle nippers. 6.Apply a quick drying top coat to seal your gingham pattern.

Dont know if it works or when I would use it. But heyyyy.

15 Nail Designs We’ll Never Be Able To Do | Beauty High Probably my favorite article I've written thus far.

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12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape --I cannot WAIT to try some of these!!

Omg...Freaking Genius! A neat way to stenil on a simple design onto nails. You can get the craft punch at a craft store! Punch out the shape into a low adhesive piece of tape. Next lay tape with shape cut out over desired nail...brush over shape in color polish you wish. Let dry and gently lift tape!

So cool! Put a drop of black nail polish in water and spray with rubbing alcohol for the turquoise stone effect.