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lots of finch nesting ideas

Gouldian Finch

love zebra finches

terrarium room


Simple, healthy budgie food recipes you can make at home for your little guys!


how to build bird cage

Java Rice Finches

Male Zebra Finch

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Red color-bred canaries

The best birdhouse is one with a bird using it.

Robin eggs.... My Easter eggs! Just leave them in nature and Robins will announce the birth of Spring.

I saw at the pet store the finches used these pet balls to put their nests in. So I got one to hang out side to see if the wild birds will use it too....

Outdoor Finch aviary complete with waterfall from Javafinch.com

diy bird cage! how beautiful!! This could work for bunnies as well.

DIY: 15 Foraging Toys For Birds! I'll have to make some of these!

Use unsweetened Kool-Aid powder, water and a little vinegar to safely dye toy parts for your DIY bird toys... Think of all the colors Kool-Aid comes in!!

Domino - Society Finch

Winning image of the Best Shots photographic competition 2013, Animal section.... Magnificent Osprey catching a wuite unsuspecting rainbow trout... Good catch.. Amazing photography