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      Laminated Lung Cancer anatomy poster discounted poster defines Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC).

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    Clinical signs of diseases apparent on skin surface.

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    Health quote -MikeAdams, the Health Ranger --- Well my grandma fried foods in lard, and she lived to be 92. That was before gmo corn, etc. So the pigs were probably a lot healthier back then : ) and they ate fresh produce from their gardens. Non gmo.

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    Sleep is a great, complicated thing. Best medicine. Did I mention that sleep is great?

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    Post where I can see ALL this time!

    I need this reminder!!

    hypnic jerk, also called Myoclonus

    4. Why do eyes twitch? Eyes twitch because muscles in the eyelid (normally the top one) spasm uncontrollably. This can be brought on by fatigue, stress, and caffeine, and normally goes away by itself. Persistent eye twitching can be a symptom of eye conditions such as inflamed eyelids,and very rarely, of brain or nerve disorder. Don't panic, though. It's almost certainly just because you're a bit tired.

    What Are Hiccups? A hiccup, medically known as SDF (synchronous diaphragmatic flutter) or singultus, is a sudden, involuntary contraction of the diaphragm which occurs at the same time as a contraction of the voice box (larynx) and total closure of the glottis, effectively blocking air intake. The glottis is the middle part of the larynx, where the vocal cords are located.

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    This is a guide about reducing stress. Many of life's daily activities can be the cause of stress, affecting our health and quality of life.