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  • Rebecca Reese

    Genteel Alexis Bledel fabulous Hairstyles Starred as Kim in Girl Walks Into a Bar (2010)

  • Christina Marie

    Jess was always my favorite of Rory's boyfriends.

  • Ruthie Vargas

    By right, I should hate his character on Gilmore Girls. But he's my favorite. Still believe that in a reunion movie Rory and Jess would reunite. (at lorelei's wedding with Luke.)

  • Jessica McAbee

    jess and rory (Gilmore Girls)

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Rory + Jess. I'm sad that didn't work out, but I'm even more sad it didn't work out with Logan.

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While watching this show don't you sometime laugh so hard for so long that you can't breathe and think won't ever stop laughing? This was almost one of those moments but not quite. Michelle saying "yoo hoo, he-haw-man" at cinnamons funeral was one of those moments.

gilmore girls - miss them so much. ♥ My favorite TV show ever.

Gilmore Girls ... I miss this show everyday. An all-time favorite. We need a movie or something to tie up all the loose ends.