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  • Valerie Baker

    Here's what third-century China thought about the Roman Empire

  • J. E. Bruce

    Third-century China got around the ancient world. They even made it to the Roman Empire, and wrote down their thoughts on these strange foreigners in the Weilüe, a third-century C.E. account of the interactions between the two nations. Here's what China had to say about their imperial neighbors:

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Pictures of probably the mightiest empire, and if as Americans we're not careful their fate may befall us too.

Aureus of Septimius Severus (193 - 211) from Rome,The Roman Empire.

Zenobia was a 3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire. Zenobia had expanded the empire, conquering Egypt and expelling the Roman prefect, Tenagino Probus, who was beheaded after he led an attempt to recapture the territory. She ruled over Egypt until 274, when she was defeated and taken as a hostage to Rome by Emperor Aurelian.

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In 1578 news came of a discovery in Rome of a labyrinth of underground tombs, thought to hold the remains of early Christian martyrs. Skeletons were sent to Catholic churches & religious houses in German-speaking Europe to replace holy relics that had been destroyed during the Reformation. The “catacomb saints,” were reassembled, richly dressed w/ crowns, jewels, & armor. Posed inside churches & shrines as reminders to the faithful of the heavenly treasures that awaited them after death.

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A colossal head. (Found via Christopher Butler and listed suitable as "another mystery".)

Emperor Claudius' third wife, Valeria Messalina, was a nymphomaniac. According to ancient historians, she once competed with a prostitute to see who could have the most sexual partners in a night.

Vercingetorix of the Averni, who united the Celtic tribes of Gaul against Rome. He ultimately failed, but it's an inspiring story.