One day I will meet my idols. The people that made me so happy when I didn't want to smile. The people that have saved so many lives and I am so happy that they have changed my life. Someday I will meet you. My beautiful amazing idols.

Niall - loved food Louis - loves carrotts (it's a joke) Liam - is afraid of spoons Harry - has a thing for cats Zayn - his hair NEEDS to be perfect

Jajaja lol

me too harry me too :) probably those boots with heels he wears

I don't care that I have pinned this a gazillion times. It's my favorite❤️❤️❤️

Just do it :') xx click the picture.<<< OMG I'm done with life. You have to do it you won't regret it :) (Niall Horan gif)

One Direction first official foursome photo taken here in Cape Town!!! This is what they were wearing at the concert...still can't believe I saw them!!!

'We'll carry on stronger than ever': One Direction speak out


Tears up and then 5 seconds later starts crying and then falls off bed and throws phone at wall cause the emosh is so hardcore right now.

Too many feels !

The harry and bringing mom to the concert is so true he waved to her and smiled all big and then she pointed to me and he was like oh right. Thanks Hazza lol << NIALL HAS ROCK HARD ABS!

~ londonair ~

harry and louis so would have kissed if louis didnt fall<<god damnit Larry ships