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This is one of my fav Jen's pic because she actually dressed herself as Katniss. Like the girl on fire. To dress like her character proves that she's really devoted to her role. It a gorgeous dress 🙈

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Top 10 Stunning DIY Choker Nekclaces

truebluemeandyou: DIY Lace Choker Tutorial from Urban Threads here. I’ve written about Urban Threads before. They have cool inexpensive embroidery designs you can buy for hand or machine embroidery and stock art. But if you don’t have an expensive embroidery machine just go buy a piece of Battenburg lace from your fabric store or online (it’s often in the bridal section). #Steampunk

I know this was actually a rough time in Drew's life, but I loved her look so much back then. Hard to believe that between cute, lispy little Gert from ET and the sweet, happy, natural Drew we see today there was this little flash of bad girl! #Drew Barrymore