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Unrealistic, but a girl can dream. ♥ Plus it would take up the space in y whole room :p

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What a smart idea for a growing child's room to truly give them a place of their own without the bed necessarily being the on-the-floor focus!

DIY Pallet Bed

even if they don't swing, they look so comfortable and soothing. really want a hanging bed someday

I saw pallets in the youth room maybe we could use. I this couches like these would go well with the brick

Vovó DECORAÇÃO: Decoração de quartos em espaço bem pequeno, como fazer?

cool bedroom there r so many pillows!!! MUST BE SO COMFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loft beds with walk-in closet space underneath for a shared, two-girl bedroom

Furniture: Really Cool Bunk Beds, Custom bunk beds for boys, cheap bunk bed for kids ~ Latrice Designs

guards' room

Cool Bunk Beds

I really like this bench for the girl's room , Lou. What do you think? My First Client Reveal ::

mini home in those odd spaces in your home that you never know what to do with.. great for kids playtime/naptime their own lil get away


Pinceladas en Rosa… 14 Ideas para acertar

pretty cool

Built in bunk beds

modern boy's room

Beautiful bunk bed room. I don't want to live in a house that doesn't have space for an epic sleepover