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    I disagree with this... Most of the time it's because that person or thing you're missing is simply what you're used to, people confuse comfort with love. You can be comfortable being with someone because they have been apart of your life but not love them.

    Love Bitez

    I find this horribly degrading towards women. I can think of much better statements that portray what it means to be a woman than "I push doors that say pull" and "I count on my fingers in math." Eww.

    True my love..

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    Missing You Quotes for him reading this out loud cracks me up ! Good quote :)

    This is so true! When your best friend leaves for like days and your heart is longing to see them again because you never know how much you love them until you don't see them for 48 hours. ❤

    Missing him

    you never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them - so true

    Of course I will never forget about you, we had a pretty good time together. But since we no longer are, these are the memories I will keep in their own special place in my heart. I know that they're there, but they no longer cross my mind all the time.

    There doesn't know how lucky it is!

    .all the time Baby...all the time!!! I think about your eyes..your smile...things we would do together..about holding U..kissing beautiful U much I miss U..your fragrance..your hair..what you're wearing..your touch..things to do for U..places I want to take much I love YOU.....***

    Not a day has gone by in 7 years that you weren't constantly in my thoughts. I miss you as much today as I did then. I love you little buddy! 7/14/04 - 1/5/07


    i do :( but you had to go out with a fucking hoe, when you get hurt im not going to be there I tried telling you how much I liked you no one believed me until I cried over you then you felt bad and still didn't do anything bout it so I know where I fall in your life......

    It's the emptiness that can never be filled, the sadness that I hope will go away & it's a wonder if the other person feels the same?

    Because it hurts. i wish, just for once, we sit and talk over a cup of about doesn't matter...even your silence will drum out a soothing beat that my eye-balls would love to dance to...

    Amen! So true! My memories of my Daddy and Grandparents are priceless! I Love and Live the best life I can with my Family that are still on earth because I learned really young to appreciate and thank GOD for each and every day! .. And I take a lot of pics! :D ♥ Gina