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This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

Weimaraner Puppy - also good for distance running. Look at those eyes!

They left him to do as he pleased all day in the apartment, so he did. And when they returned at five-thirty to find him unmaking the bed they fell to their knees, hearts exploding, and said, "Oh!" and, "Who's the littlest puddin' in the world?" And, "Get the camera, Jimmy! The good one, quick--quick before he moves!" | little black puddin' pug

seeing baby animals in the wild is very poignant - their short time with Mama is the only kindness they will know. The rest of their life will be filled with the horror of living in the wild - constantly killing or being killed, tearing their living food to death.

sweet little one! Ultimo arrivato by Silvyetta07, via Flickr

He might be just a little part in your life, but in his life you are his everything! Make sure you Love your dog with all your heart! :)

What did you do to my blanket little brother I did nothing I square and why do you still sleep with your blanket ab