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Just stumbled across this cool page for Desmond Gahan

Just a reminder that although your best furry friend has passed, there are others out there that wish they had your love as well.

Peanut Butter and Apple Pupcake

The perfect quote for all of the dog-lovers out there who have found their soul mutt. | The Secret Life of Pets | In Theaters July 8

Lucky Dog Animal trainer Brandon McMillan is swooping into animal shelters across the U.S., rescuing hard-to-love, out-of control, untrained and unadoptable dogs. Then, back at Brandon’s training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch, he goes to work on the seemingly impossible task of turning the frightened pooches into perfect pets.

Daisy Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese: Calves Torn From Their Mothers, Sick and Struggling to Breathe

Video shows calves yanked from the womb into a world of suffering, where milk was forced into their lungs. Say NO to the dairy industry's systematic cruelty today!

TO BE DESTROYED 2/25/14 Brooklyn Center. My name is LUKE. My Animal ID # is A0990829.I'm a neutered male white/tan pit bull mix approx 3 YRS. He’s an absolutely stunning big boy and is dying to be a happy-go-lucky boy but he’s never been given the chance. He’s literally going to die when the shelter kills him tomorrow - friendless and alone