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Equivalent Fractions Race - Directions: Roll 2 dice and create a proper fraction. If you roll 2 of the same number, roll 1 die again. Now let your partner roll the dice and create his fraction. Once both players have a fraction, you will race to see who can write all of the equivalent fractions first.

Fractions - good to start with perhaps, then move on to more complex illustrations of fractions (beyond the pie model)

FREEBIE: This set of 24 task cards covers Converting Fractions and Decimals and is also part of a 30 set entire year bundle for 4th graders! Great focused practice for your students. (TpT resource)

FREE 4th Grade Math Worksheets

FREE grade math worksheets - these are great for extra practice, summer learning for forth graders (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, story problems and more) Great for homeschool families.