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  • Mary Ellen Connelly

    Baby duck billed platypus...I just think they're so cute!

  • Polished Moxie

    Platypus babies. I can characters created based on these guys for a multitude of cards. #Platypus, #BabyPlatypus, #PlatypusBaby, #PlatypusBabies, #Inspire, #Inspirational, #InspirationalPhoto, #InspirationalPhotograph, #InspirationalPicture, #InspirationalImage, #PhotoThatInspires, #PhotographThatInspires, #PictureThatInspires, #ImageThatInspires, #Picture, #Photo, #Photograph, #Image

  • Kimberly Stahley

    These are Perry the Platypus' baby platypus

  • Marissa Evans

    Baby ANimal Zoo - The Cutest Babies on Earth. - A wondeful site to teach your child about baby animals : Here are baby-platypuses

  • Caitlin

    So cute! Baby platypuses :)

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