Panda rice balls

panda onigiri bento

Cute bread! I want to make this

Rice Bear in an Egg Blanket by fancy-edibles #Bear #Egg #Rice #Sausage #Kids

Teddy Bear Cookies

pizza balls. balls......

Lazy sushi. Why have I never thought of this before?

School Book Sandwiches for kids lunches. These are such a simple twist on the classic sandwich. You won't believe how easy they are to make, too! From Kids Activities Blog.


panda bento

@Cassie Hoobler loves marshmallows:)


sushi never looked so good

Rice Krispie Treats pressed into mini-muffin tin, then frosted.

Spcy Tuna Roll-- cravinggg

Candy sushi.

How to make heart-shaped carrots. Great for Valentine's Day dinner!

Acorn cookies

fancy lemons for the lemonade

Homemade panda bread - I may have to try this one just for fun

Dessert sushi; rice Krispie treats, fruit roll-ups, twizzlers, swedish fish.