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    Perhaps if you ate salads a little more periodically...

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    Chemistry cat on dating



    Okay Riverside. You're awesome.

    Spaghetti Measuring Tool - If you are so hungry you could eat a horse, then get this spaghetti measuring tool to ensure you grab the right amount for a horse to pasta ratio. Or if you are just looking to cook for a few people, the spaghetti measuring tool can help you grab just the right amount too.


    Thats creme a la creme...


    said no one ever

    April Fool's day brown e's

    Saline, Saline, Over the Seven Cs

    I've got two tickets to para-dice!

    Night rates are so important...

    Oxidants Happen

    Ester Bunnies!

    What do you do with a dead chemist? Barium!

    Did you hear that oxygen and magnesium are dating? OMg!