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Kopi av en samisk runebomme (sjaman tromme) som engang tilh�rte Anders Paulsen. Copy of a Sami shaman drum that once belonged to Anders Paulsen. Source: Wikimedia GNU by Sandivas, 2007. (Cropped and modified photo).

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481 - Strange Lapps and Their Magical Drumming Maps

Understanding the Saami drum

“Before Christianity became widespread among the Sámi, drums were used by shamans to reach a state of ecstasy through which he could interact with the spirit world, and as an instrument of divination. Perhaps because little is known about Sámi shamanism, the drums have become a particular focus of research.” (

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Alcestis in front of Hercules and Cerberus, fresco, Via Latina...

Stock Photo : Alcestis in front of Hercules and Cerberus, fresco, Via Latina Catacomb, Rome, Italy, 4th century

➰ The Drum, often referred to as the "Shaman's Horse" has a spirit and a name, and it can take the Shaman traveling far into the other realms of existence〰who then returns with answers, gifts and sometimes even lost pieces of the soul ~ Noga Gal Sami Drum (