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Madonna + Basquiat

Madonna, 1979

Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent. Photo by Alécio De Andrade.

Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot

David Bowie as Tilda Swinton, with Tilda Swinton as David Bowie by Jeff Cronenweth


Edith Piaf & Marlene Dietrich

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton



Maya Angelou and Madonna by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair (2007)


80's madonna.

Jean-Michel Basquiat out and about

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna.

Isabella Rosselini and her mother Ingrid Bergman.

Dalí & Gala

Andy Warhol and Lou Reed, from The Velvet Years, 1965-1967 by Stephen Shore

andy warhol and hitchcock