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A 19th Century Japanese Satsuma Hand decorated "Pinched" Small Bowl with Floral and Gilt Decoration. Finely Executed and Signed.

xxx ~ Dish with design of grasses, Momoyama period (1573–1615), late 16th–early 17th century Japan Stoneware with decoration incised through iron-rich clay slip (Mino ware, gray Shino type)

Amazing, creative ceramics from my friend, Katherine Dube. Check out her website:

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13th Century bowl; Iran. My heritage.

Odo ware tea bowl with design of heron and reeds. 18th-19th century.

japaneseaesthetics: Tea bowl, reddish brown stoneware, with a marbled glaze, and floral decoration in colours on a cream-coloured patch. It has been mended with gilt lacquer. 18th century, Japan. V Museum

Rice bow, Seto ware, late Edo period #ceramics #Japanese_ceramics #pottery #Japanese_pottery #bowl

Nippon Enameled Jewels Wisteria Decorated Porcelain Vase With All Over Painted Decoration Of Hanging Wisteria Below A Gilt Scrolled Shoulder With Enameled Jewels, Blue "Maple Leaf" Mark c.1900