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    Old Fortune telling machine

    Bis Pole [Asmat people, Omadesep village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, Indonesia] | The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ritual after deaths in a village. Used only once and then returned to the woods. Carved from one piece of wood. Originally associated with headhunting.

    Advertising poster for "The master mystery"1919.Houdini played a daring member of the Justice Department who investigated the nefarious company International Patents Incorporated. Houdini escaped from a straitjacket, a diver's suit and an electric chair. This serialized tale of government work allowed Houdini to do an upside-down rope escape, kill an evil automaton that concealed a human inhabitant, marry a beautiful woman, and discover that he was the long-lost son of a remarkable scientist.

    the wonder show of the universe


    handy bandy

    American magician Harry Kellar performed in the United States and around the world during the turn of the century and was a predecessor of Harry Houdini. This advertising poster was for Keller's Self Decapitation trick, c. 1897

    Himalayan Shamans Mushroom mask from Middle Hills, Nepal


    Asherah - Hebrew Semitic mother Goddess who appears in Akkadian writings as Ashratum/Ashratu and Hittite as Asherdu and Ugaritic Athirat. She is the wife/consort of Sumerian Anu or Ugaritic El, the oldest deities in the pantheons. Allat is "goddess par excellence". In book of Jeremiah (628 BC) calls her queen of heaven. In Ugaritic texts (1200 BCE) she is "lady of the sea"

    Ethiopian magic scroll. Coptic




    Marian Schmidt. S)

    The Walters Museum Curiosity Figure : Seed Man c1600


    Lighter than air

    under the sea

    Vintage Magic Poster


    'Advanced Potion Making' book


    The Radhost Complector shows its bearer the way to other world realms and planes of existence. Etched inside you will find many dead ends and oubliettes tempting you to stray from the paths that lead to Avalon, Atlantis, Asgard, Midgard, Helheim and tir Na Nog, home to the Fae folk and to the Cormon. But most important of all, you will find the path home.

    Antique charms, teeth, claws, bones