Pocket gates for dogs or kids. This is a great idea!

Pocket doors on the stairs to keep the noise down, heat down, and/or pets on one side or the other.

How to Make a Baby Gate From an Old Wood Door... or a dog gate.

sliding deck gate

Doggy door - brilliant! Easy to close when you don't want them going out, and it's perfectly hidden!

so much prettier than a baby/dog gate

Laundry drying rack that folds flat against the wall. Maybe paint it to match wall paint.

Installing a Pocket Door - How to Install House Doors. DIY Advice

Install a dog door into the side of the house with a dog house in front of it

Remove the fake drawer below the sink and make it useful! Genius!

Secret pantry! Looks like regular cupboard doors but takes you to another room!

Dog bath, dirty kid rinse and drip dry space in one. - Good idea if you ever build a house. Something to consider, and would come in handy!

Redecorating by Repurposing • Lots of Ideas and Tutorials! • Including this diy pallet baby gate from little lucy lu.

Great storage idea for small spaces - #home decor #home ideas #diy #living room #bedroom #pantry #kitchen

Awesome idea!

Genius! half door for any baby/kids room so you can hear if they wake, but they can't wander the house alone or play in their room while you cook, shower, clean.

Lazy Susans in corners of Pantry.

Under-the-Stairs Ideas

Vertical silverware drawer... Seems so much easier

Perfect idea for a built in dog crate. Time to call my handyman...

GREAT idea - if you move or repaint, you won't lose all those precious measurements! :)