How to make duct tape boots. Because every super hero costume needs them!

DIY :: How to make duct tape boots for Halloween costumes ( )

How to make your own witch shoes using tin foil and tape....genius!

Spiderman Party ideas, not sure I could actually do this but how awesome is it?!


You'er going to need these tips for your #DIY zombie costume.

DIY spellbook & awesome ideas. I need to revisit this blog

15 Movie Character DIY Halloween Costumes Only True ’90s Girls Will Love

Tutorial: Link's Boots --this would actually make a good template for my mercenary boots as well!

DIY Masquerade Mask. WOW. Sticks on your face. never know when you might need this!

Halloween Peacock Witch--inspiration for DIY costume. *** NOT MY CREATION, BUT A SAMPLE OF SOMETHING I MAY BE ABLE TO RECREATE***

loofah costumes! ha ha they made me laugh

Doll costume - halloween costume

melted crayon pumpkin - SO DOING THIS.

A mermaid would be a good Halloween costume because she can't walk anyway!

DIY Minnie Mouse Tutu--super cute and super easy!! Can be made for adult size too, definitely. Halloween is just around the corner! Can't wait.

A bag of Jelly Belly's! cute

I have to do this...

Mermaid Costume

halloween costumes

Halloween eye makeup. AWESOME!!