One More Christmas Gift Idea! The Blanket...

This year's gifts for coworkers. ;)

*/ Great idea for teenager gift. The poem is cute and the "wrapping" is perfect.

I'm going to start this next year....some random person in my neighborhood. Hang it on their mailbox! ;)

Christmas Gift idea

How to Make No Sew Fleece Blankets & Scarves

Fun and easy Christmas gift idea...

The Christmas Nail Poem to remember the true meaning of Christmas

poem to help your kids remember the true meaning of Christmas :):) love

Did you know you can buy Redbox gift codes? This is such a great Neighbor Gift Idea. They have 3 free printable tags and have a tutorial on how to get Redbox codes.

Great Christmas idea. Love this! Perfect for girlfriends.

so many gift ideas!

15 gift ideas under $2 and a link to 103 neighbor gift ideas

Happy Holidays: Neighbor Gift Idea - You've Been Snowed On!! Fun and easy idea to spread some holiday cheer across your neighborhood!

Wow, some great ideas on here!

homemade christmas gifts ideas candy sleighs

gifts for christmas

Holiday gift ideas

I have to remember this for Christmas

Interesting - a list of gift ideas based on ages (0-2, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7) and by gender (and yes, girls can play with cars and boys can play with dolls). It's a great starting point for ideas!

"Holiday Dough" - cute idea for someone if they ask for money.