"Because I'm a lady that's why"-Aristocats

And she might even make you angry from time to time. | 21 Things Disney Taught You About Having A Sister

because I'm a lady, that's why

This was my favorite quote from this movie


simple disney things



Its true. I am a lady.

let the memories begin ºOº

The Aristocats

Mind BLOWN!! Wow I never quite caught this watching the movies, much more respect for Captain Jack!<-- There's actually a book series (for kids) about it! I loved them! PotC was my first big fandom after Harry Potter, just because I thought Captain Jack was such an amazing character! There's a ton of lit published by Disney about all the characters' back stories.

Finding Nemo

<3 that movie


Story of my life!

"Cogsworth should have his own talk show." It's a true story. He's so funny. This line cracks me up every time.

Finding Nemo

A Bugs Life!! I'm going to say this to someone.