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  • Austin Baker

    All my childhood I traveled back & forth from Az -> Ca -> OH -> IN In those years I would go hunting with my dad and would love the scenery of just sitting in the woods with absolute silence listening to the trees make the sounds. I fell in love with mother nature and is one of the reasons why I love Nau

  • Emily Seitz

    Great reminder to get away from technology and live life out in nature to enjoy God's creation!

  • Amy Patterson

    There is no app for the great outdoors!

  • Lisamatisa

    Get away from all the apps, go for a walk in the woods.

  • Larry Graf

    Trail running app?

  • Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly

    True Words! #GetOutside #MoRanch

  • Zoltan Kun

    Apps might help, but NOTHING replaces the real experiences! Go out!

  • Environmental Media Association

    There is no app for this... | #Nature #Quotes #Green #EMA

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"I am most alive among the tall trees."

Nature quote. Beautiful. God's Hand put that nature there. Let's keep it that way. ♥

When I stand in a river, rod in hand, I am more at peace than in any other place, doing any other activity.

No hay ninguna app para esto... Dale caña!!!

Debatable whether any space can truly be considered unaltered by mankind, but a worthwhile thought.

Amazing how nature will always take back what was originally its to begin with.

As an ECE it is always great to hear children talk about their adventures outside in the snow with their parents! Toooo many parents now-a-days seem to shy away from letting their children explore outside

Sunset on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota • photo: Sue Ann on Flickr

I like this because o have lots of things I love and sometimes I wish I had one cool hobby, or one favorite but then I remember this phrase!