This squash bowling game would be perfect fun for the kids for our outdoor Thanksgiving.

This is what I need for the kids Halloween party this year: an obstacle course!

Fun! Two even lines of kids. They have to push a pumpkin with the broom down to the line and back, then the next kid goes. First line to finish wins. Smaller prizes since there would be multiple winners. I was thinking we could do this on the back patio or in the grass with real pumpkins. We could use fake pumpkins but that may be to easy.

Paper Pumpkinsfor Halloween

Thanksgiving craft for the kids to make!

Fall get~together

Beatrice Witch. Halloween With Doll designed by Joe Spencer at

Possible halloween party ideas

shrunken heads

skeleton vase made from Dollar Store items

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bowling anyone?

fall party complete with family games and menu- they had to come up with something different...imagine bobbing for the same apple that someone bit off...Never thought of that stuff as a kid!

Halloween Party Games

Pop Goes the Pumpkin

party games for Halloween

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Gourd Family

Halloween Party Games for Kids

fall festival ideas | Fall Carnival or Harvest Festival Halloween Alternative

zombie pumpkins from Martha Stewart