this is kind of amazing!

Is this seriously possible? LOL. Still kinda wanna try it. Haha 995146_513772772029299_1781864814_n.png 712×720 pixels

How to wear a shirt over a strapless dress. I would do the same with a chambray button up

For all those ugly patterned leggings that are super cheap at the store... This is actually super smart

Wondering why I havent sewn these into any of my shirts.... This is brilliant.

DIY Wrap Skirt.

Folding money

bow back shirt- a how to

.Love the top, necklace, earrings and brown shoes n bag with the jeans

1. grab some cotton t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. larger sizes tend to work better as do non-ribbed shirts with no side seams. small logos on the shirts work fine, too. 2. grab a pair of fabric scissors if you have them, otherwise any scissors will do. 3. lay the shirt out on a flat table in front of you. 4. cut the hem off the bottom and put it aside. 5. cut the shirt into 1-1 1/2 ” horizontal strips all the way up to the armpit. 6. grab 3-4 shirt strips in both ...

gorgeous lace insert to a tank. And it's DIY?! Even better! donner du style a son tee shirt

Refashioned men's XL dress shirt.

Turn Your Scarf Into a best. MIND BLOWN!!

Love this sweater!

Tuesday How To: Summer Tank Tops

refashion: t-shirt and crop top *can use cut tank with built in bra*

Kind Of Everything Sweater: Coral - $37.99

Men's shirt to shirt