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I overheard the man whisper, "I am a lover, not a fighter," and to myself I thought, I, am in fact, both. For is it love at all if it's not worth fighting for? - Tyler Knott Gregson

that we all just wish to be the most important thing on Earth to someone else. Typewriter Series #444, by Tyler Knott Gregson.

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Harry Potter Quote (Albus Dumbledore Quote) Typed on Typewriter - 4x6 White Cardstock

❤ one of my favorite quotes of all time

I promise you I will try harder to be better. I have battled with things inside me for longer than you know; I do not know what they are or why they are there, I only know that they feel manageable, defeatable, when I am around you. -Tyler Knott Gregson

ღღ 'She rolled over, buried half her face in her pillow, and smiled slightly. it was then , the overwhelming realization washed over me that there is so much more to life than simply surviving it" -Typewriter Series #67 by Tyler Knott Gregson

This is probably some times true, which is why I like the quote; but there are some things I'm afraid of happening in the future that have not happened in my past...

It may be sad, but this is my new favorite quote. So truthful and describes me perfectly and strangely, I'm ok with that. I love C.S. Lewis.

"When my arms wrap around you can you feel my fingers clinging to the fabric of your clothes? "You hug me like I might blow away," you whispers, but all the fabric wrapped in all my fingers was not to keep you here, but to go with you when you did." - Tyler Knott Gregson

We are all rooted, to some degree. To assume that "perfect" is a standard that we can live up too, is false and misleading. Humans are not programmed robots. We act merely on actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and influences. Mistakes are bound to be made. Yet we all still flow on as we learn and grow. To be rooted means to have loved and lived life to it's potential. To feel, see, and express yourself.