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    "If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that's enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars. He tells himself, 'My flower's up there somewhere...' But if the sheep eats the flower, then for him it's as if, suddenly, all the stars went out. And that isn't important?'"

    • Kelly Horne

      "Her name was Rose" -Dr Who. gaahh the end of season 2 made me so sad! not-a-book-but-dont-know-where-else-to-pin

    • Elizabeth Grant

      If there is one thing I've learned, it's that David Tennant and Billie Piper are phenomenal actors. Oh and that the writers of doctor who just love, and I mean LOVE to make whovians cry.

    • Lindsay Martinez

      Nothing was more important than Rose. I almost stopped watching Doctor Who after she left. And when she came back... nobody has ever been as happy as me. Except for The Doctor.

    • Alyssa Huffman

      "Her name was Rose" -Doctor Who. Doomsday. I never realized till now just how fitting the title is for that episode.

    • Emily Blue

      Her name was Rose. So sad>>>>It actually looks like the Doctor is wearing a shirt with Rose printed on it.

    • Torrey

      I love Rose Tyler because she was the only companion that the Doctor has ever truly loved.

    • Chaney Schwartz

      "Her name was Rose" -Dr Who. gaahh the end of season 2 made me so sad!

    • Grace Nicholas

      Her name was Rose. This is not okay. Rose Tyler. Doomsday.

    • Charlynn Rose

      Rose and the Doctor (10), Doctor Who

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