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Fresh pineapple, coconut milk, banana, honey & ice. a healthy Hawaiian blizzard

Paula-Colada Smoothie Recipe by Paula Deen

A pina colada smoothie (don't know why people get so worked up over the name.pina=pineapple, colada=coconut Tastes great :D Fresh pineapple, coconut milk, banana, honey & ice. a healthy Hawaiian blizzard :)

Yes, you can make tasty apple pie cups with just two ingredients! All you need is a can of Pillsbury™ refrigerated cinnamon rolls and some apple pie filling for an easy fall-inspired treat that serves a crowd. For a little something extra, we recommend serving with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Expert tip: Use a nonstick muffin pan for easiest removal. PS: Have you heard the good news? Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls now have more icing (so this recipe is extra gooey and delicious)!

2-Ingredient Apple Pie Cups

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie  You can substitute any berries of your choice in this recipe.   Serves 2  3 tablespoons golden flax seeds  1/2 cup coconut milk (preferably “Thai kitchen” brand)  1 1/2 cups water  1 cup frozen raspberries  1 banana  1 Tablespoon honey  Blend flax seeds in blender until seeds are ground. Add coconut milk, water, berries, banana and honey. Blend until smooth.

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

Sounds yummy too! Coconut/Raspberry Smoothie - Top 10 Smoothies and Drinks That Boost Your Metabolism

Homemade Raspberry Sun Tea

raspberry sun tea

Homemade raspberry sun tea- my latest favorite thing to drink during the summer! Plus how to make to-go Mason jars!

Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Colada Smoothie: frozen banana + pineapple and whip creamed coconut milk / pulp ?

Creamy Pan-Fried Peaches with Cinnamon & Honey {Dairy-Free} | therisingspoon.com

Creamy Pan-Fried Peaches with Cinnamon & Raw Honey {Dairy-Free} -- It's just as yummy if you use real maple syrup, which will make it vegan friendly.

Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

Anti inflammatory pineapple ginger smoothie- Pineapple has been used for centuries to reduce pain and inflammation. It turns out that an enzyme found in pineapples called bromelain reduces swelling, bruising healing time and pain

I LOVE Lava Flows!  So excited to find this recipe. I heart pinterest!

Lava Flow

ok, this might look yummy but half & half, pineapple juice and coconut milk do not mix! Hawaiian Lava Flow - coconut milk and pineapple juice with strawberries, ice, half & half and water